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Joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment come from finding your dream, vision and mission in life, and getting out of the RUT!

Dissatisfaction is only a symptom that you are not in touch with your purpose.

YOU COULD BE LIVING IN A RUT! Many have learned to live in the RUT of life instead of the way of life. Without a dream, vision, and goals you will live in the RUT! Often our parents planned and helped create the RUT we live in. Even though you may be comfortable doing what you are doing, could it be that you are in a RUT? A RUT is simply a dead place of dissatisfaction. I call it a grave with both ends knocked out! In this book you will learn and experience proven principles that will help you take courage and develop GUTS TO GET OUT OF THE RUTS!


Bernard Smalls


Takes Guts To Leave Ruts (ebook)

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