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The Emerging Financial Paradigm

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke powerfully in his I Have A Dream Speech of 'The Dream' he held for humanity. I believe in the dream for all people. Do you? The big question is, after all of these years, are we living The Dream? This question is particularly for the Black race. Dr. King so eloquently said: ‘After the emancipation proclamation, 100 years later the Negro still is not free, living on the lonely island of poverty.” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream Speech


The EMANCIPATION Proclamation was Jan 1, 1863, 157 years ago. Yet many are still slaves. I am not talking about physical slavery, but mental, psychological and financial slavery. I think you would admit, that many minorities still struggle with the mindset of poverty. It is a fact that poverty in most societies and countries ranks highest among minorities. To truly be FREE AT LAST, we must understand the psychology of poverty.

The Black Moses ebook

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