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My purpose in this book is to put motivation in those who feel

that there’s nothing left. The concepts of THE LEMONADE PRINCIPLE are real. They are not metaphysical rhetoric or motivational hype. These principles have consistently worked for me in my personal life. For example, I have not visited a doctor for over 30 years for anything serious, other than routine physical check-ups, and I am motivated all the time, for which I am extremely thankful. By the way, I am not against doctors, nor am I saying that there is no such thing as sickness. I just haven’t needed one other than for routine insurance check-ups or other professional and business related physical examina- tions. I credit my healthy lifestyle to my positive mental attitude. My advice to you is to read this book in its entirety, ponder and apply the principles with balance, and prove it for yourself. I have learned the simple truth that “a happy heart is health to the bones.” By the way; share the happiness and tell someone else about what you have learned so that they, too, can Be Happy, Be Healthy and Feel Terrific and stay motivated through THE LEMONADE PRINCIPLE. - Bernard Smalls

The Lemonade Principle ebook

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